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Standards Forum 2021

Organised by the Singapore Standards Council and Enterprise Singapore, the Standards Forum on 24 November 2021, brings together international and local experts to share insights on how adopting standards can help companies accelerate their I4.0 journey and strengthen their cybersecurity and connectivity capabilities.

Keynote Presentation

Implementation Of Industry 4.0 Solutions Through Standards In Singapore

Ms Choy Sauw Kook

Director-General (Quality & Excellence) of Enterprise Singapore


What are the key challenges faced by companies today when embarking on their Industry 4.0 journey that make it imperative for them to utilise standards? Find out how Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Standards Council are working with key partners to help manufacturing companies address these challenges through standards in this keynote address.

Keynote Presentation

Germany’s Experience In Industry 4.0 Enabled by Standards

Dr Jens Gayko

Managing Director of Standardization Council Industrie 4.0


In this keynote presentation, Dr Jens Gayko of the Standardization Council Industrie 4.0 (SCI4.0) shares the importance of standards to help manufacturing companies transform using interoperable manufacturing systems, sustainability practices and autonomous operations in mind.

Session 1: How enterprises can fast-track their Industry 4.0 journey with standards

Building Enterprises’ Capabilities In Industry 4.0

Dr Alpesh Patel

Partner of McKinsey & Company



In this presentation, Dr Alpesh Patel explains how the pandemic has caused a “Great Reset” which companies must evolve to emerge successfully from. He also shares about how manufacturing Lighthouse companies have used I4.0 technologies to build their manufacturing capabilities.

[Panel 1] – Journey Towards Industry 4.0 With Standards

Moderator: Mr Tay Jih-Hsin

Deputy Chairman of Singapore Standards Council

Dr Alpesh Patel, Partner of McKinsey & Company

Dr Tan Puay Siew, Research Division Director (Manufacturing System Division) of Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, A*STAR

Professor John H. L. Pang, Deputy Director of Advanced Manufacturing Training Academy

Mr Mok Hon Yong, Chief Strategy Officer of Onn Wah Tech Pte Ltd



Find out how manufacturing companies can make use of the right standards to evolve with Industry 4.0! In this panel discussion, our experts answer many questions, such as how companies can develop a business case for I4.0 and how standards can provide guidance to companies in their adoption of new I4.0 technologies.

Session 2: How enterprises can build up their Industry 4.0 capabilities through standards

Simple Steps And Easy Ways To Help Enterprises Set Up A More Cyber Secure And Resilient Manufacturing Facility

Dr Andreas Hauser

Managing Director (Digital Service) of TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific Pte Ltd



In this presentation, Dr Andreas Hauser introduces the importance of standards and conformance to help address the cybersecurity needs of a smart manufacturing facility. With manufacturing companies being increasingly threatened by cyberattacks on their manufacturing operations, Dr Hauser shares how standards such as “Cybersecurity Self-Evaluation Checklist and Guidelines for Digitalisation in Manufacturing”, ISO 27000 series and IEC 62443 series can help guide companies to be a more cyber secure and resilient manufacturing facility.

Understanding Connectivity For Enterprise Implementation Of Industry 4.0 Technologies. And How SS IEC 62541 OPC UA Standards Can Be Applied For Small And Medium Enterprises 

Mr David Chia

Head of OPC Hub ASEAN & Managing Director of Beckhoff Automation



In this presentation, Mr David Chia shares about the importance of Industry 4.0 connectivity standards such as IEC 62541 OPC UA to enable interoperability between different manufacturing equipment and systems. Find out more about the common challenges and misconceptions on incorporating  IEC 62541 OPC UA into the manufacturing operations.

Manufacturing Intelligence Through A Standards-based Approach

Mr Chris Monchinski

Convenor of ISO and IEC Joint Working Group on Enterprise-control System Integration and Vice President (Manufacturing Intelligence) of Automated Control Concepts



In this presentation, Mr Chris Monchinski walks us through key ISO standards development supporting enterprise control system integration such as the IEC 62264, Common Object Models, as well as standards development collaborations with OpenO&M and MESA XML Working Group. Find out more on the use cases and implementation of these ISO standards in the presentation.

[Panel 2] – Getting The Fundamentals Of Cybersecurity And Connectivity Right For Successful


Moderator:  Mr Yeoh Pit Wee, Chairman of Smart Manufacturing Technical Committee under Singapore Standards Council

Dr Andreas Hauser, Managing Director (Digital Service) of TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific

Mr David Chia, Head of OPC Hub ASEAN & Managing Director of Beckhoff Automation

Ms May Chng, Partner & Chief Operating Officer of Flexxon Pte Ltd

Mr Chris Monchinski, Convenor of ISO and IEC Joint Working Group on Enterprise-control System Integration & Vice President of Automated Control Concepts



Find out why cybersecurity and connectivity are important considerations to companies embarking on their Industry 4.0 journey. In this panel discussion, our experts answer many common questions that manufacturing companies faces and provide useful tips and advice on standards that manufacturers can refer to when adopting cybersecurity and connectivity solutions.