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Efficiency signifies a level of performance that optimises companies' processes to achieve the highest amount of output from the least amount of input.

  • Asset & Equipment Efficiency

    A company's ability to maximise the utility of assets and equipment that are used for production in its factory or plant.

  • Inventory Efficiency

    The level of optimised production to minimise the average volume of inventory required and hence, costs of excess inventory storage.

  • Utilities Efficiency

    The amount of energy and water consumed, and emissions and waste produced by manufacturing operations.

  • Workforce Efficiency

    The improved labour productivity by reducing the man-hours spent per task and/or enabling employees to perform a wider range of job functions.

Quality & Assurance

Quality and Assurance reflects a company's desire to prevent defects in its products. Excellent performance in these areas strengthens customer trust, reduces costs of replacing faulty products and establishes a stronger reputation.

  • Process Quality

    A company's ability to maintain optimal performance of its manufacturing processes, minimising deviations and irregularities from intended conditions.

  • Product Quality

    A company's ability to ensure that the percentage of defective products remains low.

  • Safety & Security

    Safe working environments to reduce functional safety incidents and physical security lapses, and more resilient cybersecurity.

Speed & Flexibility

Speed to market enables companies to maximise sales, and greater flexibility allows companies to adapt quickly to changing consumer demands and reduce downtime in reconfiguring production lines.

  • Planning & Scheduling Effectiveness

    A company's ability to respond quickly to changes in market volume demand.

  • Production Flexibility

    A company's ability to augment its production easily while incurring low cost.

  • Time to Market

    The length of time needed to develop or augment a product and deliver it to customers.


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